Beyhadh 2 16th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya Loses Her Memory


Beyhadh 2 16th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

3 days later:
Maya is unable to sleep. She wakes up and holds her head. She looks at her wounds. Someone wheels in a trolley. She is startled to see the guy. He tries to hug her but she backs off. Who are you? He calls her princess. I got your new ride with the best cushion. How do you feel right now? Did you sleep well? She is still startled. He tells her to be careful. You are my responsibility. You have to listen to whatever I say. She asks him who Maya is. What has happened to me? He tells her she is Maya Jai Singh. She sees flashes from her past. He asks her if she recalled something. We were going in a car. You weren’t wearing seatbelt. There was an accident. You fell out of the car and rammed your head. You don’t deserve it. It is my fault. Try to remember. She tells him she doesn’t remember anything. I don’t know you. She backs off. He says I am your husband. Try to remember. He shows her their ID cards. She shakes her head. I don’t know. He tells her to relax. Doc said this will happen but I thought you will atleast remember me. Everything will be fine. I will help you remember everything.

He introduces himself as Vikram as he extends his hand towards her. She shakes his hand. I am Maya? He offers to make her meet herself. He removes the curtains around the bed. This is our home; helps her sit on the wheelchair and shows her around the house. She again experiences some flashes as she looks at a photo. When was this photo taken? He says it is of the day when you had decided to spend your life with me. It is of our engagement day. She says I don’t remember anything but he assures her she will with time. This house and I am yours. He shows her their wedding album. He takes her near the stairs. You know I wont leave you even if I die. I love you Princess. She gets tensed as he tells her he has locked her here for forever. He adds that she wont be able to come up because of the stairs till she recovers. I hadn’t thought of this when I built this house but just let me know if you need anything. He goes to bring lime water for her. She calls out after him. He comes running upstairs hearing her take his name. Please say my name again. She says it. He says it’s been years since I heard you take my name. She is taken aback. He says these past 3 days were like many, many years. Do you need something? She asks him to take her downstairs. He lifts her in his arms and takes her downstairs.

Vikram is cooking. Maya is sitting quietly at the dining table while he keeps talking. What happened? She says it feels like it is a story. He holds the knife tightly as he walks towards her. Think of it as a story only. This story is going to be your reality now. He hurts himself with the knife. She asks him if they have no family or friend. He says your mother lives in this very house with us. She experiences some flashes again. Where is she? He shares that he has locked her. He wipes the blood from the knife. She would have been here if she was home. She went to Rishikesh a week ago as she likes cold weather. Maya says I want to speak to her. He agrees. He dials a number and hands over the phone to Maya. He says it might be due to bad network. We will try again tomorrow. She nods. Ma likes cold? He nods. Maya’s mom is kept in a dark place. Her mouth is gagged and her hands are tied behind her back.

Vikram is on call with someone. The guy assures him nothing will be found there now. Vikram turns and notices Maya looking at him. He says no one but she says you were speaking of burning a car. He says I got the car burned down in which we met with an accident. I feel pain when I see you in pain. Do you know why? She replies that it is because he is her husband. He says I love you very much. He kisses her hand. She heads inside.

Someone has put Maya Jai Singh’s missing posters. Rudra sets fire to his photo with Maya. Aamir compliments Rudra on his idea. You have made everyone your eyes through your book launch. Rudra says now the entire world will be looking for Maya too. Whoever finds her now will be given a big prize. I promise you if I find her this time, I will burn her too!

Precap: Vikram thinks of how Maya played a game with her in the past. Rudra comes to Maya’s house. Vikram opens the door. Rudra asks him who he is. Where is Maya?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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