Ladies Special 7th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna’s Challenge In School


Ladies Special 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna and Mandar with their children travel in local train. Children see police and pray god that their mother shouldn’t be arrested. Constable walks towards Meghna and calls her. Children plead not to arrest their mother. Meghna why will police arrest her, she got ticket. Constable gives her ticket and says she dropped it by mistake. Children relax. At Amar’s home, family watches movie on home theater with Bindu. MP tells Amar till when they can hide this is 2019 and not 2018. Amar says they have to continue the drama for some more time. MP gets Kangana’s call who asks if he is still angry on her. MP says he forgave everything long again. She tries to console him regarding Bindu and asks not to lose hope and be courageous. MP asks what happened to Bindu. Kangana asks if Amar didn’t inform her. MP says no and insists to tell what happened to Bindu. Kangana reveals Bindu has frontotemporal meningioma/brain tumor. MP shatters hearing that. Bindu walks to him and asks if he will not watch remaining half movie and takes him along. They watch movie and midway Bindu stops movie and walks away. MP asks what happened.

Sachin and Swapna cry profusely. Meghna and Mandar ask reason. They say their classmate Kabir told their mother will be arrested and sent to jail as his mother read news in newspaper. Mandar says there was news in local Marathi news paper. Meghna says she will attend their parent-children meeting and teach Kabir’s mother a nice lesson. Mandar says their aayi will turn school into Haldi Ghati like Jansi ki rani. Sachin says Jansh ki rani did not fight in haldi ghati. Mandar says he is just telling their aayi will teach a lesson to opponent like Jhansi ki rani.

MP cries profusely, and MM asks reason. MP says Kangana informed that Bindu has brain tumor. MM also cries profusely. MP says they shouldn’t let Bindu and Amar know that they know about Bindu’s brain tumor and act normal in front of them.

Kotak over phone asks Mandar to find out whom his boss met during Meghna’s factory’s fire accident. Mandar asks how will he know. Kotak says he should check security entries and find out who all met boss. Mandar enters manager’s office and search for security logbook. Manager walks in and asks what is he doing here. Mandar says he wants to finish work before leaving job. Manager asks him to follow him. Mandar thinks he doesn’t know if he will get security log book or not.

In the morning, Bindu serves tea to family. MP reminisces telling Mandar that he read on internet that sugar is not good for ill person, so they will try to skip Bindu’s sweets completely. Amar asks if Bindu will agree so easily. MP says yes. Out of flashback, MM fight with MP that his sugar levels are high, so he will drink sugarless tea from today and even whole family will to support him. Bindu says she will prepare her Faiba’s herbal tea which will cure his diabetes. MP says sugar is bad for Bindu’s illness. Amar asks what.. MP says nothing.. After sometime, Mandar calls Bindu and invites her for Meghna’s baby shower ceremony and requests to apply mehandi on Meghna’s hands. Bindu agrees and asks where to come. Mandar says at his house. Bindu agrees. She thanks Amar for getting home theater to watch her favorite movie yesterday.

Meghna with her children reaches school and sees parents insisting principal to remove Meghna’s children from school, else he will remove their children. Principal says they can discuss about it calmly. Children insists Meghna to return home as they cannot see her being insulted. Meghna says let us face it and walking to parents greets them and says she is Meghna Nikade whom they are talking about after reading her news in a local Marathi news paper. She distributes news paper copies and toffees and says nobody is interested in her news, but Kabir’s mother is, they should read news carefully. One lady reads news that Meghna Nikade is proven guilty and will be prosecuted and this news is not printed without any proof. Meghna asks didn’t she see a question mark next to it, it means if Meghna is guilty. She says they have problem with her children staying in chawl, but their chawl is more cleaner than their dirty mind. Teacher apologizes on parents’ behalf. Meghna challenges parents that after 1 month they will see front page news in same news paper that Meghna Nikade is innocent. She walks away with her children who smile happily.

Precap: Bindu asks Meghna if she will be her best friend. Meghna says she is already her bestfriend and hugs her emotionally.

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