Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Krishna Explains Knowledge Of Gita To Sapta Rishi’s.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rishi durvasa tastes kheer & takes along to Krishna where he was taking bath & he tells Krishna to have this amrut so krishna tells him this is kheer & not amrut then rishi tells him this has become amrut now by my taste so Krishna applies all the kheer on his body then rishi gets surprised asking it was brought for you to eat but you applied on your body so why you did this then Krishna explains him about this body which melts when we die but now as you have tasted so it’ll get blessed & rishi gets emotional by his talks accepting his mistake towards Krishna & prays Krishna.
Gurudev explains gods how prabhu shows his tactics to explain rishi who ultimately accepts his mistake.
Brahmadev explains & advises sapta rishi’s to go to prabhu Krishna for his mahaprasthan to take knowledge of gita from him.
All rishi’s come to Krishna as he tells them I was waiting for you only. Rsihi’s are asking knowledge of gita so he explains them how he distributed knowledge of gita to everybody & they keep discussing about it in details. He gives them all kind of knowledge what is taught in gita of good deeds, heart‘s wishes etc. How to meditate purely of accepting this knowledge from gita to do good deeds in human form & if human gets attracted towards wrong things then he might be lead to evil deeds. All pray Krishna & praise him for giving so good knowledge of good deeds to do & to learn from gita also.
Brahmadev is telling mahadev how prabhu Krishna explained all rishi’s knowledge of gita & mahadev too appreciates prabhu as he itself can give knowledge nicely & they both discuss how it was distributed in past to various gods which is very nicely happened.
Rishi’s asks Krishna how to execute this then he explains him to serve to all your well-being people like father, mother, relatives etc. & explaining them to do good deeds who will pray me then ultimately they get blessed.
Rishi’s are requesting Krishna that to make us know about how to plan this before your mahaprashthan & he explains him i’ll teach you this by giving example of my devotees story. Raja padmasen & brahman Vishnu datt who use to stay near dwarka in gangapur & raja padmasen use to donate purely to all people of his wealth & they use to praise him so he tells them to pray shri Krishna for this because I can do this because of him & they pray Krishna.
Raja’s guard comes telling him some people have come here to meditate for prahu Krishna so he tells him that I’ll personally make arrangements for them & will also enjoy their meditation.
Krishna tells rishi’s there was another devotee brahman Vishnu datt who was against raja’s deeds due to not so rich by wealth but he use to always be in my meditation because he was rich by knowledge.

Precap: Krishna while explaining about knowledge also gives knowledge of devi anusaya too. Mahadev & Krishna come in form of guala & tells devi anusaya that we take food from that person only who comes naked to feed us & devi anusaya in shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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