Vidya 17th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Vidya Tells Truth To Munni’s Mum


Vidya 17th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivek telling the situation to Avtaar. Avtaar says how will Vidya reach the school alone, you had to be with her. He prays for Vidya. Mahek gets breakfast for him. He asks her not to trouble him. She scolds him. She asks the problem. He says don’t know Vidya reached the exam centre or not. Vidya worries and looks for some help. She sees a temple. She goes to pray. She sees Munni’s parents there. She goes in front of their van and stops them. Munni’s mum says Vidya. She goes to Vidya. Vidya cries.

Munni’s mum says when I called you out that day, you ran away and today you came here, where is Vivek. Vidya says I will answer everything, I have to reach somewhere soon, please help me. The man says we can’t drop you, sorry. Munni’s mum says Vidya has saved Munni’s life. The man agrees to help. Vidya thanks Matarani. She goes with them. She reaches the school. She goes to the class and says I m Vidya Singh, I came to give the exam, I got late. The teacher says you can’t give exam now. She says this will never happen, I was badly trapped, please let me write the exam. He says fine, don’t cry, show me your hall ticket, did you forget it. Munni’s mum looks on and calls her out. Vidya gets shocked. Munni’s mum gets the hall ticket. She says I m not much educated, but Munni’s dad is educated, he said that no student can sit in the exam without showing this slip, its yours, your name is written, Vidya Vivek Vardaan Singh, what’s all this. Vidya worries.

Vivek and his mum come home. They see Vidya crying. Vivek’s mum smiles. Vidya says everything got finished. Vivek worries and asks about the exam. She tells him everything. He gets shocked. He says it means Munni’s mum got to know everything. Vivek’s mum scolds her. She says your lie has risked Vivek’s career. Vivek worries. He asks did you give the exam or not. Vivek recalls taking the hall ticket from Munni’s mum and going for the exam. The teacher asks her to calm down and write well, there is still two hours. Vidya sees Munni’s mum waiting outside. Vidya prays. She writes her exam well. She comes out and sees Munni’s mum. Munni asks did you come to give tenth exams, being a teacher, what’s happening. Vidya apologizes and says I was uneducated when I was forced to work as a teacher, that’s why I m getting educated to clear this stain, the job papers were fake, my intention was not to cheat anyone, I swear, I have done everything right, I didn’t hurt anyone. Munni’s mum scolds her. She says I won’t let you play with village’s kids, I will tell your truth to everyone in Devgarh. Vidya signs no. Munni’s mum says there is one way, you go and tell the truth to them, your sin will get less, surrender yourself to police, if you come here to give the exam, I will expose your truth, you and Vivek get a lesson. FB ends.

Vivek’s mum thinks what happened now, I did this to stop Vidya. Vidya says Munni’s mum knows everything. Vivek holds her. Vivek’s mum gets angry and scolds her. She says my son will also get jailed along with you. Vivek stops his mum. Avtaar calls Vivek and asks how is Vidya, did she give the exam. Vivek says there is a big problem here, Vidya is fine, but Munni’s mum has seen her, I will call you back. Avtaar worries.

Vidya says we have to find some solution for this, I have to give exam tomorrow. Vivek’s mum says you are still thinking for the exam, you won’t go tomorrow if you care for Vivek, you will go and accept your truth, nothing shall happen to my son. Vivek interrupts her. His mum shouts on Vidya. Vidya says yes, I m understanding what I have to do, but I won’t do it, I will do what my heart is telling me. Vivek smiles.

Vidya asks Vivek to swear and not tell anyone that he knew her truth. The officials come to arrest Vidya.

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