Vish 24th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Sabrina Takes Alia’s Child


Vish 24th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra Maa asks Alia who gave her the fruit. Aditya looks around to find the kinner. Tamoori hid behind a wall and thinks he must fix this old lady. Rudra Maa wonders how they couldn’t figure out it was an evil spirit. She recalls giving Rudraksh to Mohit. They look around. Aditya was also worried about where Mohit has gone. Rudra Maa goes to check where Mohit is. Rudra Maa and Tamoori have a fight with each other.

Mohit stood on the boundary wall of terrace. Shak Chunni held his hand and asks if he can sacrifice his life in her love? Can he even jump down? Mohit smiles and replies he can even sacrifice his life and jump from here.

Rudra Maa looked for Mohit. Tamoori stops Rudra Maa as the kinner. He removes his avatar dress. Rudra Maa at once judge this is a Tantric and Sabrina must have taken his help to break the Lakshman Rekha, it won’t be an easy fight with him. They both strike towards each other.

Sabrina peeks into the hall and thinks she needs to distract Aditya, only then she can kidnap Alia. She begins a dance performance, thinking it’s the only way to distract Aditya. She dances on ‘honton me esi baat me daba k chali ayi’. Aditya doesn’t move.

There, Mohit was about to jump off the terrace. He was stricken by reality and at once wonders what he is upto. Shak Chunni asks Mohit if he doesn’t love her. Mohit turns back and says he will only jump along with her. He questions who she is. Shak Chunni says she wanted an easy death for him but now she will not spare her. Mohit thinks about the Rudraksh given to him by Rudra Maa. She claimed it will give him the strength to fight evil. Shak Chunni attacks Mohit with her long nails.

Rudra Maa tells Tamoori to leave, as she can never let him and Sabrina succeed. Tamoori strikes to kill Rudra Maa. Rudra Maa receives a set back and fell on the couch unconscious with his next strike. Sabrina observes the arrow had completed on the sky outside. She thinks it’s now time to strike. She pulls Aditya into the dance but Aditya was suspicious and stops her. Sabrina works with her magic, pushing Aditya towards the wall and arresting him in spider web.

Tamoori comes closer to Rudra Maa and says he had warned her, had she accepted she would have been alive. Rudra Maa wakes up at once and attacks from behind. Tamoori was dead.

There, Shak Chunni asks Mohit if he doesn’t have enough strength to even fight with her using his Rudraksh. Mohit thinks if death is eternal, why not die with her. He holds Shak Chunni into a hug and works with his Rudraksh. Rudra Maa watches Mohit die with Shak Chunni, she decides to save Alia.
Sabrina tells Aditya that she never forgets her revenges. She will now take Alia to Vishlok where she will give birth to her child. Rudra Maa challenges that Sabrina can’t even touch Alia. Sabrina challenges she will fly her from here. Rudra Maa comes with a plate of Sindoor and throws the whole platter over Alia, then challenges Sabrina to touch her now. Alia runs towards Aditya to free him. Sabrina calls her poisonous insects which emit from her hands and spread the floor. The guests run outside in chaos. Sabrina says she can’t touch Alia, she needn’t touch her to take the child. Aditya tells Alia to leave. Alia doesn’t agree. Sabrina takes a nearby pot, and pulls the soul of Alia’s child, capturing it in her pot as a bubble. Alia screams in pain and fell on the floor, crying. Sabrina says she wished Alia gave birth to this child in Vishlok. The child was in Alia’s uterus, she pulled the whole uterus out of her; no matter if they live or die. Alia cries badly. Rudra Maa frees Aditya. Aditya consoles Alia and promises to bring their child back.

Sabrina thinks her child will make her immortal now. She has won over Alia.

PRECAP: Sabrina says its impossible to beat Sabrina. She implants her child in a hanging uterus. She finds Aditya, Alia and Rudra Maa had reached Vishlok. She decides they are all going to die.

Update Credit to: Sona

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