Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sudha Calls Off The Marriage


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi saying we have to tell truth to Karan, he will leave me if he knows it, I can’t face another rejection, I can’t lie to him. Ishita asks her to relax. Everyone goes out. Raman shouts and hugs Ruhi. Romi says Ishita told me, don’t know why is this happening with Ruhi. Raman says we won’t let you get hurt, Karan loves you, you love him. Mr. Bhalla says we have to tell Sudha and explain her, I can’t see this, it won’t be right to hide such a big thing and get her married. Romi asks them to take Raman and Ishita in confidence first. Ishita says give me time then you can talk to Sudha and Karan. Raman hugs Ruhi and jokes. Mr. Bhalla says Romi is immature, we should go to Sudha. Appa says yes, we should go. Sudha says we should buy another lahenga for Ruhi. Karan says its fine, they already got it for Ruhi.

Sudha says no, I m going to be Ruhi’s Saas, you are my only son, you won’t stop me, I spoke to designer, I asked her to match lahenga with Ruhi’s necklace, she is going to call me. She gets a call and answers. She says I m going to get Ruhi’s necklace back. Mr. Bhalla ends call and says I just hear that Sudha is coming to take necklace back. Appa says did Ruhi tell Sudha about it, maybe Sudha is coming to break the marriage. Mr. Bhalla says we have to convince her for not doing this, its not Ruhi’s fault, its fate. Appa says yes, we shall go. Mr. Bhalla says I hope she doesn’t break alliance. They see Sudha and Karan. Appa says we were coming to meet you, I have a request, don’t break this marriage, its not Ruhi’s mistake, she got to know this yesterday. Mr. Bhalla says yes, we didn’t know this would happen with Ruhi, it happened with Ishita also, Ruhi can’t conceive, its not her fault, she suffered a lot already. Karan and Sudha get shocked.

Appa says Raman and Ruhi gave much love to Ishita, Ruhi made her Ishimaa. Mr. Bhalla says Ruhi is just like Ishita, she saved Ishita from taunts but she can’t tolerate this, don’t break the marriage. Sudha asks what, Ruhi can’t conceive a child, you didn’t think to tell us. Mr. Bhalla says Ruhi told you about it, right. Romi takes care of baby Adi. Ruhi comes. She says I won’t be able to play with my own child like this. Romi says I understand your problem, you are not a bad person, its not necessary that you give birth to a child to raise him, Mihika loved Adi as her own son, Sahgun gave you birth, Ishita raised you, everyone calls you Ishimaa’s daughter. Ishita comes and says yes Ruhi, I didn’t give you birth, but you completed me, we will be hurt that you can’t become a mother. Sudha and Karan come. Sudha asks when were you going to tell this to us, such a big cheat. Ishita asks who told you about it. Everyone comes. Mr. Bhalla says sorry, we wanted to sort this matter. Raman says I asked you not to say. Sudha says you didn’t think necessary to tell us, you both cheated us. Ishita says its not like that.

Sudha says I have always helped you, even when Raman was in danger, thinking we are one family, I regard you a friend, you had hidden your daughter’s big truth, shame on you all. Ruhi says no mom… Sudha says don’t call me mom, you lost the right, I didn’t expect this from you. Ishita says we wanted to tell you after finding a solution. Shagun and Mani come. Shagun says surprise, where is the bride, I have come here directly from the airport. She hugs Ruhi. Sudha says we can’t become Samdhi.

Karan says I need to talk. Sudha says we don’t accept this marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Shagun asks what happened suddenly. Sudha says Raman and Ishita will tell the reason. Karan says you can’t take extreme decision like this. Ruhi apologizes to him. She says I was afraid you will leave me. He hugs her and says you could have told me, I love you so much, I don’t care for this. Sudha asks are you mad, I care about it, I want my family to go ahead, you want to marry the girl who can’t conceive.

Karan says we will go home and talk. He asks Ruhi to wait, he will call her. Karan and Sudha leave. Ruhi cries. Ishita says sorry. Romi asks why did you tell them. Mr. Bhalla says we thought Ruhi told them. Everyone consoles Ruhi. Shagun says I wish I could fix this. Mr. Bhalla and Appa say sorry. Ruhi says I was afraid that they will know truth, their anger is justified, we can’t do anything if they want to break the marriage. Shagun says we will talk to Sudha. Raman says yes, we all will go. Ishita says I feel just Shagun and I shall go to her, if Karan really loves Ruhi, he will convince his mom. Mani says we know how much Karan loves you, just trust your love. Ruhi says no use, its over. Raman says don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Karan says I love Ruhi, its imp that she is in my life, I don’t care if she can’t conceive, I can’t leave her for a baby. Sudha asks what about me, you didn’t think about me, I already lost Rohan, how will my family go ahead, you are my last hope, who will manage our business, I want my grandson, just you can fulfill my wish. He says stop it mom, Ruhi also loves kids, did you think, now painful it is for her, I can’t leave her.

Ruhi asks why did they go there. Raman says Ishita and Sudha will convince Sudha. Sudha asks Shagun not to interfere in her family matters.

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